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The History of PHIL's Wellness Program

Posted by Maria Allen on Apr 15, 2014 11:00:00 AM


The PHIL/WEL program, as we know it today, began 7 years ago. Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. partnered with Optimum Health Solutions, a workplace wellness company, to address the health concerns of our associates and promote a wellness community at work.

A wellness committee was formed to work directly with Optimum Health and develop ideas to encourage wellness in the workplace. There was an optional wellness screening that included personal information concerning the healthy habits of associates or lack of, such as diet, sleep patterns, smoking, etc. We also had blood work done to assess our cholesterol and other levels. From this information a plan was developed that included Optimum Health giving presentations about various topics to encourage developing healthy habits.


One such habit is keeping your mind healthy, and it gets its own workout during the PHIL/WEL Olympics.

The wellness committee, nicknamed The PHIL/WEL Group, met separately and with Optimum Health representatives. We developed plans for fun activities to encourage the healthy changes mentioned in the presentations and to initiate the motivation to change.

Over the years PHIL/WEL has promoted and introduced several weight loss competitions with the prizes being funds to purchase health/workout equipment. We have also had several Bocce Tournaments and Ping Pong Tournaments. We have had “Wellness Wednesdays”. This was when a member of the committee would bring a “healthy” snack to be shared by all employees. But our most enduring and enjoyed event has been and is our “PHIL/WEL Olympics”.


The PHIL/WEL Olympics is a day to celebrate health and wellness and enjoy a day in the sun with our coworkers!

The PHIL/WEL Olympics is a day of fun in the sun. In the beginning the committee chose the menu for lunch and did all the preparation, focusing on healthy foods. Next we contacted gyms, chiropractors, massage therapists, health food stores and any other vendors we could think of to come and set up tables for the associates to visit during the games. Because we did have games!  Bocce, bags, hillbilly golf, etc., and fun was had by all. This fun day has progressed to choosing a healthy menu from a local business and the meal being catered and the games and vendors have evolved and improved over the years.

The goal of Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc. and the PHIL/WEL Committee is to improve the overall health of our associates; which in turn makes for a happier and more productive working staff.


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Product Spotlight: Bottom Dump Trailer

Posted by Abby Meister on Apr 10, 2014 9:39:00 AM

Or, Meet the PHIL St. Patrick's Day Mascot!

PHIL’s patented line of HiVol® trailers can potentially double production over standard rear dump trucks with properly matched tractor/trailer combinations. Designed around your operation, PHIL’s trailers take into consideration your production targets, material parameters, haul or operation requirements, and any height or width restrictions within your facility. PHIL’s extensive line of trailers offers the versatility to accommodate and material or equipment haulage environment or need. Trailers are available in Rear Eject, Bottom Dump, or Lowboy designs, but today we’re going to focus on the PHIL Bottom Dump Trailer.

This year the PHIL Bottom Dump was chosen to be PHIL’s St. Paddy’s Day mascot and looked smashing while mascoting on (and no, ‘mascoting’ is sadly not currently acknowledged by any dictionary). Why did we choose the Bottom Dump, you may ask, when there are so may cool PHIL products to choose from? Well, we chose it because the PHIL Bottom Dump trailer is a unique product with state-of-the-art design that is unmatched in quality and construction by any other company in the industry. Now you might be wondering what makes the PHIL Bottom Dump so different than all the other bottom dumps out there.


For starters, the actual design shape of the Bottom Dump really differentiates it from other bottom dumps in the industry.  Most bottom dumps have to taper so that the material will actually dump out between the tires, but this can cause major tire issues. The tapered bottom dump leaves high windrows that rub along the side of the tires, rather than the less vulnerable tread.  The PHIL design dumps practically as wide as the tires, which means the tread with take the brunt of the impact from the material dumped. Since other bottom dumps in the industry have to make up their volume somehow, they are often made taller, causing problems during loading by not giving the operators much room to maneuver without hitting the sides, in addition to a higher Center of Gravity (CoG).  To further minimize tire damage, PHIL offers an optional hydraulically controlled strikeoff blade that helps to  grade and smooth out the material before it is driven over, thus leveling out the high spots and creating a smooth surface for the rear tires to travel over.


Another distinctive feature is the 6-way King-pin hitch PHIL uses rather than a standard ball style fifth wheel hitch. Most standard hitches are cast when made, but PHIL fabricates each hitch individually, which includes forging pieces giving it a tighter grain structure. Each 6-way King-pin hitch is crafted with attention to detail and gets thoroughly inspected. The design is not only safer, but allows for complete mobility. The hitch can move side to side, front to back, and up and down. PHIL’s 6-way King-pin hitch can also easily convert a rear-dump truck in to a tractor, so purchasing a special vehicle to pull the trailer is not necessary.


PHIL Bottom Dumps come in two distinctive designs: Sliding Door Bottom Dump and Clamshell Door Bottom Dump.  The Clamshell Door Bottom Dump is excellent for a straight dump, like stockpiling, dumping into hoppers, and windrowing. Employing an over-center door lock for fail-safe operation especially during maintenance, the Clamshell Door operates both doors with a single hydraulic cylinder and provides secure over-center door closing.  The over-center door closing is a mechanism that operates separately from the hydraulic cylinder, increasing the safety of the Bottom Dump. If the hydraulics go out or malfunction, the doors will remain closed. When the doors are closed there is no pressure from the load placed on the cylinder, cutting down on unnecessary maintenance. The Clamshell Doors are best used for materials that will flow and that will be dumped into a hopper, like shot rock, salt, gravel, coal, etc.


The PHIL Sliding Door Bottom Dump is great to haul, dump, and spread in a single pass. The Sliding Door is split in half, so one half dumps at one time. A unique material strike-off blade is an optional attachment that spreads the load evenly. This product is excellent for dumping material in lifts; the strike-off blade enables material lifts to be adjusted from 8 to 18 inches, minimizing the need for additional leveling. The PHIL Sliding Door Bottom Dump is ideal for use in power generation, material blend operations, reclamation, mine refuse, and ash handling operations.

Whew! This is just the scratching the surface of how a PHIL Bottom Dump Trailer can help your operation. With a unique design that makes it a stand-out in the industry and the customizations based on need, the PHIL Bottom Dump is a product that can make a big difference in operation efficiency. That’s not even including all the special features that make it so much safer to operate than other bottom dumps in the industry! Bottom line (pun intended) we chose the PHIL Bottom Dump Trailer as our PHIL St. Patrick’s Day mascot because it’s pretty darn cool.

Want to learn more about the PHIL Bottom Dump Trailer? You can check out the Bottom Dump page on the PHIL website HERE. If you'd like to see a video of a Bottom Dump Trailer click HERE

Do you have questions for us? Do you have a specific topic you want to know about?? If you do, drop us a note in the comments area, on our Facebook page (Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc.) or on Twitter (@PHILsystems). We'd love to hear from you!

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PHIL Madness: Water Tank vs. Autogate® Tailgate

Posted by Abby Meister on Apr 8, 2014 9:00:00 AM

The PHIL Water Tank and Autogate Tailgate are going to the ‘Ship! Having beat out the Rear Eject Body and HiVol® Body, both PHIL products advance to the championship round where they will battle it out to determine who wins all of PHIL Madness. Here are some key facts about each one that may help you decide who wins. Cast your vote HERE.

PHIL Water Tank:


Age: First introduced to the industry in 1999, the unique PHIL Water Tanks was designed to be a safer alternative to the water tanks available on the market.

Safety: An important consideration in every PHIL design, safety is especially important in the design of PHIL Water Tanks. Safety is built into every facet of the PHIL tank design. The interior is engineered to minimize confined space issues and the patented internal/external access door system allows safe, easy internal access in the tank interior. Externally, the tank has a unique flat top. Sloped at only 1.5 degrees, this nearly flat top minimizes the chances of losing one’s footing. Additionally, the exclusive lifting eye design provides precise placement for perfect balance when raising the tank.

Key Feature: Stability. The patented fluid tank baffling system ensures solid vehicle control in any application. The exclusive anti-surge stabilizing system provides front-to-back baffling and a full-height/full-length center BacboneTM structure. Internal baffling, along with the internal fluid surge stabilizers, minimizes side-to-side fluid movement for maximum vehicle stability at all normal haul road speeds. Externally, the tank support structure has an exclusive exterior frame rail and cross bolster tank-to-chassis mounting system that parallels the truck chassis frame for a lower center of gravity. This provides a solid foundation for the tank-to-chassis interface while also ensuring uniform chassis loading. PHIL also uses 165,000 psi minimum yield steel to provide the strongest, best subfloor structure on the market.

Learn more about PHIL Water Tanks and see some cool pictures and videos HERE.

PHIL Autogate Tailgate:


Age: The Autogate Tailgate was invented in 1969 by L.B. Philippi and has been a leading PHIL product ever since.

Innovation: When the first Autogate Tailgate was introduced to the industry in 1969, it set the industry standard in tailgate design. Since 1969, PHIL has produced more than 10,000 tailgates for both articulated and rigid frame off-highway trucks – from 20 to 340 ton in size. Each fast-opening, fast-acting Autogate Tailgate provides increased payloads, decreased material spillage, improved loading, and a balanced distribution. The unique, high-strength chain (stronger than any commercially available standard chain) and oversized gate pivot pins provide maximum durability. No matter what you’re hauling, the PHIL Autogate Tailgate keeps material in your truck bed no matter what the condition.

Key Feature: Productivity. With the Autogate Tailgate closing the rear of the truck, loader operators have a bigger loading target to evenly distribute the load from the front to the rear of the truck to improve weight distribution. Without the tailgate, isolated components (such as the front suspension, front axle, hoist mechanism, and steering equipment) may be overburdened because the operators try to prevent spillage by piling the load forward in the truck bed. This causes damage to the canopies, overload to the front tires, and side spillage. Another benefit of the Autogate Tailgate is that it eliminates rear-end spillage, increasing volumetric capacity up to 20% depending on the material hauled. The PHIL Autogate Tailgate reduces side and rear-end spillage by keeping the “rocks-in-the-box”. Drivers steer through clutter-free loading and haulage areas, which helps prevent unnecessary tire damage.

Learn about Autogate Tailgates HERE and see a tailgate in action HERE and HERE.

Do you have questions for us? Do you have a specific topic you want to know about?? If you do, drop us a note in the comments area, on our Facebook page (Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc.) or on Twitter (@PHILsystems). We'd love to hear from you!

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PHIL Madness: Meet the Final Four

Posted by Abby Meister on Apr 1, 2014 10:58:56 AM

March Madness didn’t exactly pan out the way we’d hoped, our brackets and chance to win Warren Buffet’s money died in round one. (Thanks, Mercer.) While we’re still watching to see who gets the championship this year, we decided to make our own tournament: PHIL Madness! Ladies and gentlemen…let’s get ready to rumble and meet the PHIL Madness Final Four!


PHIL Water Tanks:

Built from 6,000 to 58,500 gallons, PHIL Water Tanks are made assist with dust suppression, fire protection, road constructions, wash down, and other applications. PHIL Water Tanks are the safest, most stable, trouble-free water tanks available due to their patented features and superior engineering. The patented front-to-back baffling system ensures solid vehicle control in almost any application. The type and quality of options for the water tanks are endless – a customer favorite: the remote-controlled water cannon that can disperse water from 50 to 150 feet with absolute control and accuracy. Take a look at the articulated water tank and rigid-frame water tank pages to learn more, see pictures, and watch a video of the PHIL Water Tanks in action!


PHIL Rear Eject Body:

PHIL’s patented Rear Eject Bodies are simple and easy to maintain. They use only one cylinder, which operates the tailgate and pushes the ejector blade out. No bearings are there to break or bind up, nor are there external rails. PHIL Rear Eject Bodies are ideal for applications where there is low overhead clearance, trucks are operating in areas without stable and consistent ground footings, when material is sticky and clings to the inside of the bed, when material needs to be spread while driving, or on hilly terrain. These bodies are currently operating in above ground and underground mining, construction, refuse, steel mills, and power plant locations around the world. To see a video of a PHIL Rear Eject Body in action down in New Zealand, Click HERE.


PHIL HiVol® Body:

PHIL HiVol Bodies are constructed exclusively of high strength, abrasion resistant steel which is necessary to provide the best bodies possible. Each PHIL HiVol Body design is custom engineered based on the unique needs of each operation. Whatever the application, we have designed or will design a truck body that tackles the job as efficiently as possible, utilizing our patented processes, designs, features, and standards. Click HERE to see a Hivol Flyash Body at work!


PHIL Autogate® Tailgates:

Each PHIL Autogate Tailgate is designed for the specific version of the articulated or rigid frame off-highway truck it is going to be used on. The “bent steel construction” of the tailgate creates a high-strength design, while minimizing weight. Robust pivot pins are paired with greaseless fiber bushings to provide industry-leading operation with minimal maintenances. PHIL tailgates can also be “built-up” to accommodate sideboards in varying heights to increase the capacity even more. Haulage costs are practically the same whether an empty off-highway truck is being operated, or a truck filled to its capacity. Why not make every load a full load? To see a PHIL Autogate Tailgate hauling a liquid material with no leaking?? Click HERE!!


Whew! The PHIL Madness Final Four is stacked with some pretty stiff competition, but only two can make it to the Dance. Which two of the PHIL Madness Final four do you think will be going to the championship?

Do you have questions for us? Do you have a specific topic you want to know about?? If you do, drop us a note in the comments area, on our Facebook page (Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc.) or on Twitter (@PHILsystems). We'd love to hear from you!


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7 Things You Didn't Know about St. Patrick's Day

Posted by Abby Meister on Mar 17, 2014 10:45:00 AM

St. Patrick’s Day, while Irish in origin is now a holiday celebrated all over the world and PHIL associates are a very tiny handful of the millions of people that celebrate the holiday worldwide. Since our more extravagant and outlandish suggestion to paint our products green in honor of the day was gently, but firmly shot down, we’re showing our festivity with little known facts about all things St. Patrick’s Day.

7. March 17th is the day Patrick died.

As with all Catholic saints, Saint Patrick’s holy day is on the day of his death and entrance into heaven, rather than the day of his physical birth. Patrick died March 17, 461 AD of 76. This year is the 1,553 anniversary of his death.

6. St. Patrick was not Irish.


Since St. Patrick’s Day is an Irish holiday it is generally assumed that Patrick was Irish. That assumption is wrong. Patrick’s parents were Roman citizens that lived in Roman-occupied Britain, where Patrick was born, in 385 AD. Scholars cannot agree if the exact location where he was born in is modern-day England, Scotland, or Wales. (Learn more about the PHIL Bottom Dump Trailer HERE.)

5. St. Patrick was a slave.

When he was 16 years old, Patrick was kidnapped by Irish raiders who took him to Ireland and  sold him as a slave. During his time as a slave he herded sheep and learned about the people and culture that had enslaved him. Escaping at 22, he went to a monastery in England where he spent 12 years growing in his faith. He then returned to Ireland to take his revenge!! Haha, juuust kidding. He returned to Ireland to share his faith with the peoples he'd come to know during his time in captivity.


4. Patrick’s color is blue, not green.

Everyone knows you have to wear green on St. Paddy’s Day to protect yourself from pinches, but interestingly enough, green was not the color first associated with St. Patrick. His original color was blue, as shown in several medieval artworks representing the saint. A blue flag with a gold harp were even used to represent Ireland as a country, green not coming into play until much later because of the green appearance of Ireland and it's nickname "The Emerald Isle."

3. More Irish people live in the USA than Ireland.

Well, ish. Approximately 34 million Americans have Irish ancestry (some 100% Irish, others with mixed ancestry). By contrast there are 4.2 million people living in Ireland. This has a lot to do with Ireland’s troubled history, leading to steady immigration during the 19th and most of the 20th centuries. It wasn’t until the economic boom of the 1990s that more Irish stayed in their country rather than look for opportunities elsewhere.

2. Until 1970, St. Patrick’s Day was a dry holiday in Ireland.

Drinking is a big part of St. Patrick’s Day and arguably the only thing college students actually know about the holiday aside from the wearing green part (and that is promptly forgotten after a few standard St. Paddy's Day green drinks). It is one of the things most associated with St. Patrick's Day. However, from 1903 to 1970 Irish law made St. Patrick’s Day was a religious observance. All pubs are closed on religious observance holidays, so no beer to celebrate St. Paddy. The holiday was reclassified to be a national holiday when the law was overturned in 1970.

1. Your odds of finding a four-leaf clover are slim.


If you really want to know the numbers, you have a 1 in 10,000 chance of finding one. Legend tells us that each leaf represents something: the first is hope, the second is faith, the third is love, and the fourth is luck.

Before we made this list we were not aware of these facts. Well, except for number one. (After many searching through clover sessions and not spotting many four leaf clovers, we figured it the probability wasn't 1 in 10.) We're hoping to win some St. Paddy's Day trivia with this knowledge! 

Want to learn more about our St. Paddy's Day Mascot, the PHIL Bottom Dump Trailer? You can check out the Bottom Dump page on the PHIL website HERE. If you'd like to see a video of a Bottom Dump Trailer click HERE. Keep an eye out for the next post where we'll be covering the Bottom Dump Trailer and all the "luck" it brings during production in more detail!

Do you have questions for us? Do you have a specific topic you want to know about?? If you do, drop us a note in the comments area, on our Facebook page (Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc.) or on Twitter (@PHILsystems). We'd love to hear from you!

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Mischevious Leprechaun's have been busy!

Posted by Josh Swank on Mar 17, 2014 8:23:24 AM

It appears that a group of mischievious leprechaun's have been busy posting "old" content on our blog; sorry!  The blog article that was posted on Friday, 3/14/14 was an old article that was posted by accident and has been removed.  

May the "Luck of the Irish" be with you today!

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Thanks for Stopping by Booth #10,610

Posted by Abby Meister on Mar 12, 2014 1:21:00 PM

CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 has finally come to a close and we’ll be impatiently waiting for the next three years to pass and CONEXPO 2017 to arrive. In the mean time, we’d like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt ‘thank you’ to everyone who visited our booth while attending CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014. This year was a great success and we are excited about our products and how they can help our clients.


We really appreciate the time and energy you used to come and see us and learn more about PHIL products. Like we’ve mentioned before, the attendees are what truly make the show worthwhile.  All of us at the PHIL booth really enjoyed getting to meet everyone and getting to experience CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 with you!

We definitely had an awesome time both at CONEXPO and in Las Vegas.  The class sessions were great; all that useful information pertinent to the industry will undoubtedly be beneficial in the future. Getting to see all the new and exciting things that have been happening in the industry was just as cool as we thought it would be. (No matter what you hear, no one passed out from excitement! Those are all lies!)

So we know how much fun we had at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014, but it has recently been brought to our attention that we may be slightly biased where CONEXPO is concerned (to which we say pish posh and balderdash!). We have no idea where this completely false nonsense came from, but in the spirit of impartiality we’re changing things up a bit. We would like feedback from YOU on your experience at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014! Just follow this link and tell us about your experience!


In case you were wondering: Your answers will not be given out to anyone. We plan on using them to get a different perspective on CONEXPO and to find areas that we as a company could improve upon. We may end up summarizing the feedback in a blog post later on, but that depends on the responses and volume of responses we receive. 

Do you have questions for us? Do you have a specific topic you want to know about?? If you do, drop us a note in the comments area, on our Facebook page (Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc.) or on Twitter (@PHILsystems). We'd love to hear from you!

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What NOT to do in Vegas, CONEXPO Edition

Posted by Abby Meister on Mar 6, 2014 1:00:00 AM

Many horror stories have come from Las Vegas over the years of hugely embarrassing and stupid mistakes made in Sin City. Everyone repeats, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas,” but that’s just not true, is it? Since most attendees of CONEXPO are there on business and not personal time, a code of behavior is probably already in place, so here are some tips we found useful to remember when not at CONEXPO.

  1. Don’t get Long-Hauled
    -A tricky maneuver by some taxi cab drivers is to take tourists on a much longer ride than necessary via the airport tunnel. This happens in Vegas frequently, and is punishable by the Nevada Taxicab Authority. To avoid getting fleeced, ask your cabbie to take you to Swenson Street and not the airport tunnel, or use the shuttle bus provided by the hotel you’re staying at.

  2. Don’t use ATMs in the CasinosCasino_ATM
    -ATMs are strategically placed in casinos to be convenient for gamblers who need some 
    quick cash to continue gambling. Do yourself a favor though, and don’t get drawn in by the proximity and ease of access the ATM in your hotel casino may have. Casino ATMs come with some of the highest fees anywhere, with as much as $10 added for a single transaction. To avoid getting gouged, find a non-casino ATM (you can use the handy ATM Hunter app) or try to use the cash you have when in 'cash only' places.

  3. Don’t Jaywalk
    -Crossing the street illegally in Vegas will get you a big old citation. According to Transportation for America, Las Vegas is one of the most dangerous cities for pedestrians—hence the hefty fines for merely stepping outside of the painted crosswalk lines. Tickets can reach up to several hundred dollars, so our advice is to stay in the lines!

  4. Don’t Buy Bottled Water on the Street

    Water_Vendors-You may be thirsty walking down the strip after a long day at CONEXPO, but do not buy a bottle of water. The first reason not to purchase water from shady vendors is that it’s illegal. Peddlers are banned from selling water and other wares unless they have a business license to do so. Another reason is that they’re refilling already used bottles with tap water and selling it to tourists. You may just want to keep a bottle of water handy.

  5. Don’t Wear Painful Shoes
    -We’ve already suggested this for your days at CONEXPO, but it’s important enough to mention twice. Wear comfortable shoes when walking on the Strip as well as at CONEXPO! Both CONEXPO and Vegas are open for exploration; don’t let your CONEXPO week be ruined by blisters and sore feet!

  6. Don’t Hail a Cab on the Strip
    -It is illegal to hail a cab on the Las Vegas Strip, with its congested traffic and drivers zipping by at high speeds. Designated taxi stands, generally pickup areas at the entrances to casinos and restaurants, are where cabs are instructed to pick up fares from. They will only pick up cabs from those locations. If you’re trying to get to the Las Vegas Convention Center for CONEXPO, we suggest taking the free shuttle service provided by CONEXPO to official show hotels.


The most important thing to remember in all of this is to have fun while keeping in mind that you’re still in Vegas for business. Don’t get dragged in to the lie of “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Enjoy your time at CONEXPO, and remember you’re representing your company and you are a professional. Make sure to stop by booth #10,610 in the North Hall at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014!!

To learn more about what PHIL's bringing to CONEXPO, click HERE! 

Do you have questions for us? Do you have a specific topic you want to know about?? If you do, drop us a note in the comments area, on our Facebook page (Philippi-Hagenbuch, Inc.) or on Twitter (@PHILsystems). We'd love to hear from you!

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What You'll Find at Booth #10,610

Posted by Abby Meister on Mar 4, 2014 9:30:00 AM

CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 has arrived and the weather is perfect in Las Vegas for the outdoor exhibitors! (Be jealous everyone still in Illinois!) Up to this point we’ve given you some helpful tips, the products PHIL is focusing on this year (here, here, and here), things to expect from Vegas and CONEXPO, a peek at the CONEXPO Mobile App, and more, but we haven’t really told you what to expect from booth #10,610. So we’re going to rectify this oversight and give you an idea of what you’ll find at the PHIL booth.

PHIL Associates

This one is obvious, but we want you to know how the PHIL booth will be manned. Two teams of PHIL associates ensure that the booth is manned at all times and all of the associates will be happy to answer any questions you may have about PHIL products. The associates range from the sales department to the engineering department so your questions are in good hands. If you are looking for a specific associate and he/she is not at the booth, make sure to ask one of the other associates when they are expected back – sometimes they might only be a few minutes from the booth!


Haulage Guide – Construction Edition

Our construction edition Haulage Guide is half the size of our mining version and packed with information about PHIL products at the construction level. We created the Construction Edition Haulage Guide as an informational piece for those who visit our booth at the show and future customers. This useful piece of literature gives you the need-to-know information about individual PHIL products in one location. You can even download it to your smart phone or tablet using the CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 Mobile App or have us send you one after the show if you lost yours.


Awesome Pictures and Videos

One thing you can be sure of is that PHIL will always have some great pictures and videos of their equipment to show the attendees of CONEXPO. Two big TV monitors will be showing videos of PHIL products in action on the PHIL TV tower. An iPad will also have a stream of photos of PHIL products in use in a presentation. For those who aren’t as technologically inclined, or who are more tactile, a carousel (tarifold) of pictures showcasing PHIL products and organized by product type is also available to flip through. Explore our website for some more cool videos and pictures!


Rolling Wedge TM

The patent pending Rolling Wedge TM will be making its first public appearance at the PHIL booth, where videos will be playing of it cutting through frozen ground and concrete and you’ll be able to see the wedge up close. You can see the video of it cutting through frozen ground HERE. The PHIL associates are happy to answer questions about Rolling Wedge TM and can send you more information after CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014.


Now that you know what the PHIL booth has going on, we can’t wait to see you at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014! Visit us in the North Hall booth #10,610 and enjoy your time at CONEXPO-CON/AGG!

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Posted by Abby Meister on Feb 28, 2014 7:00:00 AM


Well, it’s almost here. Next week it will officially be here.  All we have to say is, FINALLY! We have been patiently waiting to see everyone and we’re finally so close! We can’t wait to see everyone, and so we’ve created a list of things to expect in Las Vegas and at CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 March 4th– 8th.


The weather the week of CONEXPO is going to be wonderfully warm!  At least it’s supposed to be warm from the standpoint of Central Illinois, where it’s expected to be a balmy mid 20 - mid 40 degrees. The temperature in Las Vegas is expected to be in the upper 60 degrees range and mostly sunny the whole time. We recommend packing layers since you’ll be moving from indoor halls to outdoor lots and possibly bringing sunscreen if you have a fair complexion and are going to be spending a fair amount of time outside.


Public Transportation:

Getting from your hotel to the Las Vegas Convention Center is pretty easy, considering CONEXPO is providing a free shuttle service to most of their official show hotels, but what about getting around the rest of Vegas without renting a car or paying for a taxi? Las Vegas has several public transit options. One is the Las Vegas Monorail. The trains run from 7am - 2am Monday through Thursday and until 3 am Friday through Sunday. You can pay in single fares of $6, a day pass of $15, a 72 hour pass of $40, or a 7 day pass of $56. There are seven stations along the strip, including one at the LVCC. The RTC buss system provides service along the Strip, Downtown, and surrounding areas of Vegas. The Duece line runs along the Strip and operates every 12 to 30 minutes 24 hours a day and stops near every resort on the Strip. Fare is $2 (take ones, they don't give change!) or you can purchase a pass for 24 hours at the Binion and Golden Nugget ($6 and $8) or machines off-Strip ($5). Many resorts prived regular shuttle service along the Strip, free to all riders, so keep those in mind.


This isn’t only something to expect at CONEXPO itself, though there will definitely be a lot of crowds with 130,000+ people attending, this also applies to the Las Vegas Strip as a whole. Tourism doesn’t really have a season in Vegas, there are a people visiting constantly. However there are times when the number of tourists tends to spike slightly higher than the rest of the time. Aside from certain holidays and three day weekends, spring and fall are the best times for walking the Strip because the weather hasn’t reached the unbearable heat of summer and it’s not the cool of winter. Keep in mind that Tuesdays through Thursdays are generally less crowded on the Strip as most visitors come on the weekends, so exploring the Strip after CONEXPO might be best done then if you don’t like crowds.

The Las Vegas Strip Hours:

All the hotels/casinos and fastfood restaurants are open 24/7 in Vegas, which can be both a blessing and a curse. (A great thing about restaurants closing means food cannot be purchased after a certain time and I don’t have to do as much exercising.) The malls, shopping centers, souvenir shops, etc. are open at regular times (like opening at 9/10am and closing 6-10pm depending on the store). If you’re planning to get presents for family, make sure you plan accordingly and enjoy the endless options for food!

Off Strip:

If you have the time, don’t forget there are places off the strip that are often more affordable and relaxed that their counterparts on the Las Vegas Strip. The suburbs surrounding Vegas have shops, casinos, and spas that are likely more affordable than any you’ll find on the Strip itself. The Vegas area is home to some impressive engineering feats and amazing natural beauty like Hoover Dam, Red Rock Canyon, and Valley of Fire State Park. Maybe treat yourself to a few hours relaxing in nature if you get the chance.


We hope these help you out and give you an idea what to expect in Vegas during the CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 week!  Enjoy your week in the sun (especially if you’re coming from somewhere cold and full of snow!) and enjoy the wonders of CONEXPO-CON/AGG 2014 and visit us in the North Hall!!

For more detail on Las Vegas transportations from, click HERE. To learn more about PHIL at CONEXPO, click HERE. booth #10,610!!

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